Since it was founded in 1983, Peace+ has built a spotless reputation for service excellence. In fact, we have earned the trust of clients in every industry imaginable, in both the private and public sectors. Think of us as a long term partner. We’re the ones who come in with solutions to optimize your janitorial procedures so operations run more efficiently and you reduce your costs.


We take pride in offering each of our clients highly personalized service. Peace+ Managers are always available and are actively involved in planning and implementing your adapted janitorial procedures – providing you with white glove service that will make your organization shine. Peace+ has the ability to modify its services to comply with the most stringent norms and requirements in the most demanding environments – in both Canada and the United States.


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Contact: Mr Theodore Lazaris
Address: 950, Ogilvy Avenue, Suite 200
Montréal (Québec) H3N 1P4
Tel.: (514) 273-9764
Fax: (514) 273-4054
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