How to Become a Member


MEMBERSHIP gives a network the strength to reach out to an entire community, and that strength gives each individual member an advantage.

If you are a building service contractor (the owner or executive of a private company) and would like to become a proud partner in an important, province-wide group of your peers, while enjoying the many benefits of membership, we will be happy to welcome you into the Québec Building Service Contractors Association.

QBSCA members enjoy certain financial benefits and a number of services. For further information, visit the Services page of this website.


Regular member: Voting members are either owners or executives of a private building service company. Regular status gives you access to all member services and a non-transferable member share, which equals one voting right. You will be eligible to serve on the Board or the executive of the QBSCA.

Associate member: Associate members are individuals, corporations, companies, or associations with an interest in the industry in their role as building owners, product distributors, or service providers. No conditions apply to acquiring associate membership.

Conditions for regular membership

  • Recognition as a building service contractor
  • Application in writing
  • Acceptance by the QBSCA Board
  • Observance of the QBSCA code of ethics

How to apply

  1. Request membership in writing:
    • Fill out the application form.
    • Return the form to us by post, attaching all documents required for your application review.